Friday, 3 May 2013

Who to vote for?

Local election results are pouring in everywhere except the rural areas. Having to wait to see if you will be reelected must be very hard, our locals don't expect to get the results till this afternoon.

When I was a teenager I got the very dubious job of being a ward secretary in the Labour Party which meant that I had to run the election campaigns for my ward. It was very interesting and the count immediately afterwards rivetting.

Going home either very happy or convinced we had been robbed became a yearly event which I enjoyed until I went to college.

This year it was hard to find anyone to vote for!

We don't get election literature up here but one brave soul did canvas us. I promised him one vote. It wasn't mine.

There were four candidates to vote for and it's just as well that they now include the party after the saved me from voting UKip by mistake! Interestingly there was no Lib Dem at all! They used to always get my vote until the charade of the coalition was played out....

Going to vote is for me an obligation. Too many people suffered to get us the vote for me to abstain.

I read down the list and picked one I thought would do least damage....We can but hope!

David and I were the 22 and 23 voters yesterday morning....I really hope it picked up after lunch!


  1. I share your doubts and uncertainties Jean.
    A life-long socialist I have lived for the past 33 years in a Tory stronghold, so local elections might give one something different to consider?
    No chance, not one of the candidates did any canvassing and like you, avoiding UKIP at any cost meant voting for the one likely to do the least harm.
    I value the right to vote, but can't help wondering if we are making things worse and whether it might not be better to stay at home.

  2. That is something I just can't do! I have to go to vote even if it's hopeless as it was yesterday....