Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A holiday job to remember.

An email from my granddaughter just finishing her three years at Uni was wonderful....the picture of her at her graduation ball revealed a confident beautiful young woman! She is now looking for a job!

Cornwall is currently filling with many like her, anxious to find work over the summer. It reminds me of one of my holiday jobs during my time as a student.

Money was very tight and a job was necessary so I told people that I was looking and got a call the next day about a job working for the Labour Party. I applied and got it and it was the best holiday job I ever had.

They were on a recruitment drive and about six students were bussed into towns to make as many new members as possible.

We started on a Monday and were taken to various towns where we were given bed and board in members homes and every day we were sent out to make members. We went home on Friday . I could make up to 40 a day on a promising housing estate.

We had spare time to talk and get to know each other and some good relationships were forged.

We started with Oldham which I already knew well and was able to advise on the best locations! After that we went to the Peak District , the Lake District and large industrial conurbations.

I loved it. As an introduction to student life it was great, I even went to pubs as well as to coffee bars.

We were all paid £7 a week which was riches for me then!

The next summer I did it again, still loved it so it went on to the last summer before starting my teaching career in the September.

I am not sure if this holiday job is still going but if it is its a great way of seeing how other people live as well as earning a bob or two! It is much recommended!


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