Saturday, 22 June 2013

Celebrations all round.

There were so many things claiming my attention this morning that its taken quite a while to clear the decks.

This afternoon I have a wedding and praying for fine weather is looming large....the sun is absent and the rain threatening! Breaking out the large umbrellas is a priority!

I have had very kind people sending me cards...and one family member arrived early with a birthday cake....I can not remember how long it is since I last had one!

The actual birthday is not till tomorrow but people know I'm busy on Sundays!

Tomorrow has grown....what started as a very small celebratory lunch has grown as various family members have decided to turn up!

I am starting to feel overwhelmed. It is of course because I no longer have a son that other people are sending me cards or visiting. They are all very kind indeed and I am touched by everyone's good thoughts....I even had a card from the people who always looked after my dog for me! I have no idea how they knew what the date was!

As always the kindness and goodness of people shine through the darkness but first before any attempt at celebration I have a young couple to marry, a BCP communion at 8am tomorrow followed by the nine thirty...

I have written the sermon after which I will allow myself to be spoiled .....providing I'm still compos!

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