Friday, 14 June 2013


There is a man working up a ladder cutting the top of the hedge level.....he is directly opposite the bedroom window so I waved to him as I got dressed! The cleaner arrives shortly.....followed by the man coming to valet my car.

Two men are doing something noisy to the stone barn immediately behind us.....the small courtyard is idea where the rest are going to park!

Canons to the right of them, canons to the left......not really that's just the way it feels.

It is of course all my fault.....poor organisation at the very least but actually my head is in the wrong place this morning for any of this.....

As I contemplated the chaos outside I suddenly remembered why, why I today am in shambolic mode.

My son, Adrian would have been 51 today!

David said cheerfully as he went downstairs, "He didn't look it."

He didn't. Which made his sudden death all the more shattering. The good thing is that I will always remember the brown, laughing boy gently teasing me with his daft stories and his loving lovely ways as a young man, not one bowed with age like the rest of us.

I've had my cry. Now to try to find solutions to the parking problem outside.

Rest in peace my lovely boy.