Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cleaning the car!

I've finally got round to getting my car valetted. Cleaning my own car should not be a problem but it is if its been years.....and years since it was last touched!

Before the Beetle was the Discovery. It was massive and had four doors so it was easy to theory.

The Beetle only has two and actually reaching the back seat is part of the problem.

I had two large golden retrievers in the Discovery .They travelled together in the back of the car but after the old one died the young one took up the back seat instead....he liked his comforts did Crispin.

Before selling it it had to be cleaned. The valetting took a whole day and cost an arm and a leg. I would never leave it so late to do it again!

Well....erm. Crispin travelled in the back of the Beetle. He died in October and I am ashamed of the way I have allowed the detritus to be undisturbed!

I have had a go at getting the worst of the golden hair up with the handheld suction cleaner but its only made a very small dent in the problem...patches of mould, outside and in are resisting my puny efforts so I've now called the big boys in.

They are coming on Friday the time the cleaner and the gardener are due to appear.

They are bringing a machine with them ! I have warned them that the car is a mess but all traces of Crispin have to be removed. You can't stay sentimental about a dogs droppings for ever!

Oh and it's also my sons birthday on Friday. The irony will not have escaped him!


  1. Dear Jean, how could you possibly have coped with cleaning the car on top of everything else.
    On Friday, you and David should open a bottle of wine, sit and toast your son's birthday, then quietly sink the rest of the bottle. Preferably at a good distance from what is going on outside.

  2. What a good idea! We will think of you.....cheers