Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day off in the sun!

Unless the phone rings in the next minute , which has happened before, today is that rare thing, a day off! Even more important the sun is out and it's a glorious day!

Such a day is so unusual that it feels like a gift. I was down to do the church in interregnum in the next village but they now have their own today is free! From next week life will get extremely busy again but today is a new canvas waiting to be painted on!

I have gone back to writing my story started during the last cruise. This time it's not just my journey into the church, which is still going well! It's the whole picture....warts and all!

I am finding it a challenge because like painting a picture you can simply not get everything in. It's what you miss out or skip over that's the challenge!

Today is not going to be about me, my life or my writing I am cooking! The much travelled leg of lamb is going into a slow oven shortly....we have guests and there will be enough for us all!

I am getting the deep wicker chairs out of the summer house, arranging the cushions, putting the white wine into the fridge....sorting out the Pimms really does feel like summer!

Phones not ringing. Alleluia!

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