Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Domestic violence.

I grew up in an abusive household. I witnessed many scenes of domestic violence as a girl. As I became a teenager it was then my turn.

It is ugly and very the victim you feel deep shame even though you can do nothing about it.

So strong is this shame that you take great care to protect the bully and to keep it all secret. I spent much of my time in the grammar school as a girl desperately inventing reasons for black eyes , sore wrists became a way of life to cover it all up....

If headlines hit the paper and someone we think we know becomes the focal point of outrage, then the best thing is to stay quiet I one welcomes the beam of publicity into their lives in such a dramatic way...

There are many people living lives of quiet desperation who really need support but not the sort of feeding frenzy produced by the press on these occasions.

I pray for all those on the receiving end of violence....that they find a way of stopping it without the shame that goes with it. Lord, hear my prayer.

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