Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Finger prints on the world!

It's the funeral of a friend today.

I don't like summer funerals. I'm certainly not alone in this....the fashion recently has been not to wear black if you are a mourner....in the summer particularly, lots of coloured, flowered dresses are seen but somehow it's not something I can join in with.

I need to wear something dark, if not black. Today I'm in navy blue...I know the deceased would have appreciated that.

Any life does I think leave a print, a thumb mark, on the world he or she lived in. The ones who leave more than that are rare. The trouble is that as we get older there are less people to remember the younger version we once were...I have outlived everyone in my family but share a birthday with my sister in law! She and I are the survivors!

Last year in response to various suggestions I wrote an E book about my journey to the priesthood. It's still going quite well!

This year on the long cruise I started another book, this one is more biography than anything else but I've taken it up again this week and will work away it at day by day.

David, seeing me scribbling then started one of his own....his is a shorter version but finished now and it's a good read!

Mine will take much longer. I am not sure at this stage whether I shall publish or not. Certainly a copy will be left with my solicitor...he will then do whatever he thinks appropriate!

It's important to me that my motivations, leading to today are known...the world has changed so radically since I had to insist that being a girl did not mean I couldn't go to the Grammar School....so many battles have been fought...so many failures as well as achievements. If no one else in the world ever reads it, at least it will be there, my fingerprint on the world, forever.


  1. I loved your first book and would love to see the next. Please!!!!

    I was thinking about my generation is now the oldies in our family. My last surviving uncle having died on my birthday in 2011. My younger sister is now suffering from Dementia and my older has a bad heart and is in sheltered accommodation.

    I don't feel a day older, but bits and pieces remind me. The need for daily medication for various ailments reminds me of mortality and fair wear and tear on the body. But the mind functions on and memories need to be shared. I've written my life story down for the BAP process, which might provide the nucleus for a book, but that left out so much of Army and travels and service in strange places. Perhaps I need to write another about those experiences?

    I think of the Grandchildren now coming into late teens and I feel oldish, and Jen being called Nan makes her feel old, when she is younger than I am.

    The number of friends who've died in the past year or so also reminds me of mortality, but I always think that where there's life, their is hope.. And when life ends, there is still hope. God is waiting for us in joy.

  2. My next book will be much longer than the first one if Im going to get it all in! I should write your next one too Earnie......quite apart from anything else its very therapeutic!