Sunday, 30 June 2013

Glory growing.

The garden.
Also known as our field due to its huge size is now looking wonderful. All the wind blasted trees are recovering well but also there is so much colour where ever you look that it's a truly amazing sight. Spring flowers are still out but so are the summer ones in great profusion .
The really good news is that I've put away the camel hair paint brush used for pollinating the flowers because the bees are back. Walking around it yesterday, I realised that it really had become a bee loud glade! They are doing all the work themselves now after a very slow start.
The really weird thing is the absence of my chums the slugs. Regular readers will remember the diatribes issued against the huge number of them present last year! The multi coloured Spanish slugs seem not to have liked the dreadful winter!
The snails too are in retreat.....I still have flowers in pots un eaten! Whilst we were away we had the whole area paved and I regret to say that I think the slugs may have been entombed beneath them!
What ever the explanation...they are missing but not mourned!
Huge fuchsia bushes covered in flower stretch along the Cornish wall, fruit is ripening , flowers are beaming at me from every view point.
Ceonotis complete with bee below!
There really is a God!


  1. Sounds like Eden, minus slugs :)

  2. Love the bee. The ceanothus is quite nice too.

    The problem with this crazy season is that everything is appearing at once, blooms magnificently for a couple of days, then is blown to bits by the wind and rain.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a settled couple of weeks.?

  3. It would be truly heavenly Ray!