Thursday, 6 June 2013

Looking busy.

Look in any cupboard where mugs are kept and you have a story.....not quite of a life, few mugs last that long....but certainly of the comings and goings of the person whose cupboard it is.
For years I collected a mug from every place I visited. I have several from Cornwall from before I lived here!
Mugs are personal and they often betray quite a lot about the owner!
All priests have a lot of them, you never know when a lot of people might arrive so its as well to be ready!
I am approaching another birthday and this morning I was reminded of a present given to me just before I was ordained!
My friend in the next village is a very talented artist... She paints, she moulds and she decorates pottery.
She called in to see me on my birthday morning just before I was going to be ordained with a small parcel.
"Don't open it yet" she said with a wink and left .
When I did open it I roared with laughter.
On the front it said. JESUS IS COMING. Below in much smaller print it said....".look busy!"
That's the one I'm using this morning.....and I'm trying to look busy!

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