Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Memories can hurt.

My car, having been sorted out by the local garage came home last night with the same message...

"You don't drive this car enough"

They are right. I don't.....it's just easier to go with David most of the time but today it had to be driven.

I took it to Portscatho. !

This is the village the first David and I holidayed in every year...often several times a year. It's a village I know well. I lived there until I married again and then gave my house to my son to live in.

That's where he died and I haven't been back very often since then..for all sorts of good reasons.

That's where my car took me this morning though. We drove in, around, didn't stop and home again...

This did my little Beetle good and renewed for me the sense of awe and beauty to be found there.

Nare Head and Gull Rock were the views from my dining room.....this morning shrouded in mist and very beautiful.

It was about half an hour of driving and we shall go again. I have been missing my morning dog walks....this isn't quite the same but for the time being it will suffice.

Memories of happy holidays mingle with regrets and deep sorrow.....all part of the grieving process I suppose but it will do my car good! And possibly me too.


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