Friday, 28 June 2013

No shouting in the Cathedral.

Tomorrow we have six deacons being priested in the Cathedral. I am going to be there and will rejoice that now we are able to hold this service in its rightful place...

When I was priested it was done in our local churches. There were 12 of us and only two bishops so some had to wait a week before their turn came.

It was lovely in the small church at Gerrans. The choir had rehearsed the anthems and I had chosen all the hymns. It was very personal and very moving but I asked why it had not been done in the cathedral where we had all been ordained as deacons the year before.

The answer was a sad one. On previous years there had been demonstrations and interruptions to the actual service. What sort of a Christian would object to and interrupt the priesting of women does not bear thinking about.

I wish we could say we are past all that now but the recent shock vote in synod to reject women bishops reveals that some are holding on to long entrenched views .

This is very sad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but to act on those opinions to disrupt services is a shame...literally.

I am glad that tomorrow should be a glorious, solemn but happy event....and very glad indeed to be part of it!

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