Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pass the banana please.

This is another age related problem ..If you are under 50 don't bother reading it, it will only depress you!
Since having pre eclampsia with my first child I have always had to take a water tablet. Failure to do so results in swollen ankles and other unsightly bulges.
The problem is that after fifty odd years the resulting problem has now become noticeable.
The tablet leaches potassium from the system. I used to take a tablet with added potassium but due to cut backs the generic substitute lacks this refinement.
Although I eat bananas by the hundred weight at times the problem is one of balance...I sway gently from side to side and mostly it doesn't matter. No one minds or notices.
The obvious exception to this is when I walk down the aisle in church....lurching from side to side suggests lots of possible indications but in my case it's just lack of potassium!
I bought a walking stick to keep me upright but am so far reluctant to use it. There's nothing the matter with my legs!
Last time I was in a procession at the cathedral I staggered.....slightly. ...
I am hoping not to sway at the priesting of our lovely curate....but I fear the worst.
So far I am undecided. The stick or the wait that's for donkeys... Ahem!

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