Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pass the hanky!

Atishoo . Lets get this straight from the beginning.....I'm back in sneezing mode. I went to bed sneezing last night and I got up sneezing this morning with some nasal eruptions in between!
This is not exactly news.....I have been sneezing on and off since our first day in Hawaii. Looking around a tropical paradise was almost worth the paroxysms. But now I'm home it's still a regular event most days.
Just now it's several times a day!
I sneezed during a communion service on Sunday and told everyone I was not infectious....it was just hay fever. This year there is no "just" about it. It has became a several times daily event over which I have no controll. And it's been going on since March! .
We now have Spring flowers out with summer ones. Camellias side by side with roses! There's no argument here...the seasons are topsy turvey .
There could be much worse things happening to me I know...for my age I am really very fit...but my nasal passages getting seriously disturbed several times a day leaves my voice croaking, my hankies soaking and my dignity diving. .I am trying not to mention the nether regions.......
Please let it all settle down soon....you know who I'm taking to.....if you would be so kind.......Atishoooo

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