Sunday, 16 June 2013

Persistent calls from abroad!

Sorry if I'm getting old and crabby but I return to the problem of insistent intrusive phone calls!

I know when I pick up a phone, who is on the line. It has caller display. If it says "out of area " or "number withheld " it's usually from a call centre a long way away.

Often when I pick one up the line clicks off as soon as I speak....this in itself is annoying but even more annoying is when someone tells you his name and says he will only take two minutes of your time.

When he then asks you how you are then you know your in does not have the soothing effect they think it should have.

When I have tried to be accommodating the call is always at least ten minutes, sometimes longer so now I just say I'm too busy!

Yesterday we had a very persistent young man..

He talked rapidly whilst I was preparing a cream sauce for sea food. I could not speak right then. He just carried on talking so I switched him off.

Later after lunch I was having a nap....much needed right now...the same young man woke me up twice.

Very irritated I told him I was not going to answer any questions. He just talked straight over me! Twice!

Later in the after noon he tried four calls in a day!

Why do people not realise that this alienates people seriously. I surely have the right to refuse to take part in surveys on the phone. If I don't want to talk that should be it...yesterday's young man simply talked right over my protests. Therefor even when I do have time I will never take part in any of their two minute surveys....

Marketing people please take note. Badgering people by telephone is never going to work!


  1. As you have no doubt seen from my numerous posts on this subject, I share fully your annoyance with this practice, to the extent that I now say "Oh no, not again", and put the phone down.
    BT my provider simply say, we cannot monitor calls from overseas.
    So helpful!
    Since their behaviour is infuriating and rude, and very very persistent, I feel we are perfectly justified in responding in kind.

  2. Once when I had someone ringing me and being a nuisance.......I used to blow a whistle very loudly down the phone! It worked! Maybe I'll get the whistle out again!