Monday, 3 June 2013

Photographic proof!

Why is it that some people do not do well when having their photograph taken? Some bishops for instance don't suit purple....the skin takes on a sort of grey colour and many of them in this weeks Church Times look as though they need feeding up and a bit of sunshine.
The idea that the camera l doesn't lie is quite clearly wrong. My camera lies all the time! The wonderful feature in the new iPad called the photo booth enables us to take pictures of ourselves that often makes us look both very old and very worried.

This is quite clearly lie telling of a high I thought a small embellishment might be in order.
We now have the technology to make all sorts of lies by using our cameras... Creatively.

I don't really have light rays coming out of me head.....not often anyway!
So why can't we have pictures of us that make us look just a bit less pinched, anxious or needing transplants....
 Its not asking too much of those people who make up the pages of newspapers surely ?


  1. I think what we really want is a magic wand Jean.
    Mind you, mine would need very powerful batteries to make me look even half human.
    The bags under my eyes turn into bomb craters when some kindly, well-meaning, person turns their camera on me.
    Looking at most of the recent unavoidable ones I've decided I look like a (kindly) camel.
    Sadly cameras don't lie.

  2. A magic wand would be really useful !