Friday, 21 June 2013


I have no clear idea how its got to 10.30! I just know that I've been on the move every minute since I got up at 8am...just two and a half hours ago!

I've been out twice and back. I've said a prayer or two for the couple I'm marrying soon.

I've downloaded useful info on Mr Goves activities found in Zite this morning.

, I've written two birthdate cards and got them in the post! I've donated money to a charity. I've looked at the readings for Sunday and made a half hearted effort at sermon will take the adrenalin of getting closer to get that sorted out! I have got wet shoes and wet feet and the bottom six inches of my skirt is also damp.....don't ask!

The summer solstice is with us and my brain is working on the finances of the wedding tomorrow and wether I have to introduce the topic gently at tonight's rehearsal....

In short there's too much going on here...

I have also realised that without doubt I am shrinking. All my summer skirts are too long now! They never used to connect with the grass as I walked!

Hey ho....from tomorrow the days will start to get's so good to's what keeps me going!

Happy summer solstice.


  1. Greetings from grey sky, soggy damp, snail ridden Aylesbury.
    Good old Summer Solstice.
    Why were we once a nation of sun worshippers?
    Maybe it's the lack of sun which is causing the shrinking.
    Random thoughts from a latter-day druid.
    Do you think we shrink in order to be closer to the earth. "From dust we came and to dust we will return"?
    Last thought: Don't believe the ten-year forecast by the Met Office, that way lies madness.

  2. Well done Ray....all that made me laugh! And I've no intention of reading any weather forecast just in case someone really has moved the jet stream that used to go past here.

  3. You can't trust anyone these days can you?

  4. I understand that we shrink as we get older due to our our spine discs being compressed and worn out over the years of wear and tear?

    Perhaps your skirts are growing?

    Alternatively, the grass that you are walking through is determined to grow quickly enough to drench you? Not liking being trampled on :)

  5. I am shrinking as well Ron has had to make me a longer stick to enable me to get the loft ladder down, and my watch strap has got very baggy of late and I am definitely not loosing weight!