Thursday, 13 June 2013

Skinner and Skinner

As always when I'm doing a midweek communion I look in the book "Exciting Holiness" to see whose saints day it is. There is always something of interest to talk about. Not a sermon, it's just a two minute natter about the saint of the day.

In the past we have covered some diverse people, including women and there is always something to catch the attention of the small group of regulars who turn up after being picked up by David. This group is expanding, we are now considering a double trip, one lot to be dumped before returning for the next group.

Looking for today's Saint I see there isn't one!

June 13 is innocent of saints so I went to yesterday's date and found there were two for that date!

John Skinner and John Skinner are father and son.

Scottish Episcopalians they spent some time in prison together when the younger John was only nine.

The fathers crime was conducting worship! Oops!

Father and son locked up together made a bond never broken and the son followed in his fathers footsteps, becoming the Bishop of Aberdeen in 1782!

The Thursday old ladies will love that one....I know I do!

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