Sunday, 9 June 2013

Two car family?

It's a truly glorious day , the sun is out, the wind has dropped and I was down to do the eight o'clock communion . My car wouldn't start!

David came to the rescue. He put on his dressing gown and drove me to church. Bless him! I am also doing the eleven o'clock. I could have just stayed down there but I was driven home by a very kind man to find that my car iis back in intensive care!

It is all my fault. No argument on this one...I don't drive it often enough.

Last week I was driven to the service some way away when I really should have used my car!

Yesterday I checked.....I have a solar battery charger on my windscreen and there appeared to be plenty of life in the battery......I should have actually started it, but didn't.

We are getting to the stage of only needing one have two seems like a great extravagance....except on mornings like this!

I need to maintain some independence....when the first David died I had just about given up driving....he said his Discovery was too big for me to handle!

Just getting it home on my own was a stress filled event! From Cornwall to Essex took about nine hours the first time! I was fifteen years younger then!

I don't want history to repeat itself's all too easy to let David do all the driving!

There are many occasions when we go in different directions on Sunday mornings but the time is surely coming when one car will be enough! It's just a question of whose car goes.

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