Monday, 8 July 2013

A country wife.

I seem to have turned into a country wife......I have been out to check the mole hills and more importantly to pick the raspberries! Every morning I go out with a bowl to collect the bright red fruit before the birds get to them!

I hope not to be compared to the country wife in the lovely play by William Wycherley. I once played her in an amateur production where the best line was spoken by the fop.

"What disparage me parts to me mistress!" Spoken in rehearsal with a slight lisp and a giggle.....happy days!

The country wife I've turned into, guards her crop, rejoicing in its brightness and flavour and taking care with the fruit still ripening!

I've also deadheaded the roses and filled the old pewter tea pot with fresh in the sun does not get much better than this...


  1. And did you enjoy yesterdays final!?

  2. I was so glad it finished before I had to leave for Evensong

  3. Last year Evensong had to be we were glad too!