Sunday, 28 July 2013

A village occasion.

Today I had a double Christening and Eucharist at the small local church. Baby and his grandmother were being "done"

The small church was full and the organ was playing up. A high pitched scream started every time it was switched on. As we did not want to affect the several babies we elected to turn it off. After having a little sulk it decided to play again in time for the second hymn. All things bright and beautiful!

All the babies , around ten of them were well behaved and although several of the nearest and dearest were Roman Catholic a spirit of great good will prevailed....

They took coffee with the regulars afterwards and I am ashamed to say I tried to nobble some of the young mothers to bring them to be christened at a later date. Ahem

At the Eucharist many came up to accept a blessing and the whole occasion was full of joy . Thank you God.

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