Sunday, 7 July 2013

Anyone for tennis?

I was not a very athletic girl . I did belong to the local tennis club but was never very good . The social life was what I went for rather than sport! I got hooked on watching tennis when I had my first baby. Adrian was tongue tied and wasn't feeding well. The health visitor spotted the problem and a quick snip with the scissors sorted that out!

She then had to spend time with me and baby and tennis was on the television. We sat together for hours watching matches to the end. By the last day of Wimbledon I was firmly addicted.

She came back for years, always when Wimbledon was on and stayed a friend till the end of her life.

I watched as much tennis as I could between working, being a mother and moving house to various parts of the country. .

My children watched with me.

I finally gave up this obsession before coming to Cornwall and so it has stayed, Wimbledon free until last year when Murray won the title.

We haven't watched it much this year until last week....

David was missing his trip to Henley and it was good therapy to watch tennis instead!

Now we are both hooked again.

Today's time table now involves being back here by two o'clock. Yesterday's ladies final kept us both quiet for a while but today could be a marathon, judging by the semi final shows of power.

It remains to be seen if this conversion back to tennis holds good till next year....but I think it might!


  1. We have just watched the emotional finish to the match which Murray won! High drama indeed! We used to watch on the TV in our cruiser.
    The year that Pat Cash won, the Aussie moored 25 yards away from us dived into the water with a great whoop and swam to our boat carrying a bottle of Aussie Shiraz.
    Great rejoicing all round. And one we will never forget!
    Not unlike this one!

  2. Today's final was really something wasn't it Jean.
    I never had any interest in tennis at all until the advent of Murray.
    He has just got steadily better and better and today was a real nail-biter.
    It was such an evenly balanced match until half-way then his killer instinct seemed to emerge from nowhere.
    I can't cope with hot weather so it was a perfect excuse to sit and do nothing for hours.
    Nothing of course, to do with the fact that I do rather like tall men.

  3. Course not was rather like watching the clash of the Titans though!