Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Breakfast cereal.

Shopping on the Internet saves me time and energy so I do it a is not without its problems but usually worth it. I have sent for clothes as well as groceries and sometimes even stuff from on line chemists. Living far away from a decent Boots means its easier and less frustrating than trying to persuade the one local chemist to order things for you.

Getting breakfast cereal should be a doddle! It would be if M and S did home deliveries...

However trying to find a substitute for their nutty, crunchy goodies has proved difficult. In the old days anything I ordered which didn't quite fit the bill was passed straight over to Crispin, my chief sampler disguised as a golden retriever.

Everything got his seal of approval.

Seeing various adverts on the TV for breakfast biscuits etc to munch as you go I flung caution to the wind on the last grocery shop! Cookies they said....oh dear..small brown tasteless pellets arrived..they have no discernable taste even though they are guaranteed to be made of whole wheat! I have no dog to eat them up for me.

I suspect even the birds might turn their beaks up if they were found on their table!

So much for trying out new things!

Unfortunately even such a miserable fail won't stop high on a cliff in Cornwall is wonderful. But shopping from here is only possible by using the Internet.

Time to go back to toast and marmalade!