Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Despite the glorious weather yesterday was not good......so in the evening we settled down to watch some television. Often finding things we both enjoy is difficult....we come from different worlds with remarkably little in common for the most part. Often finding something we both enjoy is a question of one of us going through the motions....or just plain dozing off whilst the other one watches a favourite.

Last night was an unexpected treat though. University challenge was back!

We settled down. This was something we both enjoy. Often we get questions right....he does the science and engineering stuff whilst I do books and music...we never keep tally, it's too embarrassing.

Last night however I hit my zenith.....I got everything right for a question which the students failed totally.

No it wasn't the Bible or related subjects. I'm afraid it was cocktails.

Ahem. In a question which gave the ingredients of variously mixed drinks and the quantities, you had to name the cocktail. I got them all right without pause!

David said " All those cruises were not wasted then" Sad really!


  1. Yay Jean. As Penny Nash would say.
    I too am a devotee of University Challenge and last night I got 16 questions right, which for someone who had no education after the age of 16 is not bad.
    Amazing isn't it, what gets tucked away in the little grey cells?
    It's just retrieving it at the right moment which causes me problems.

    1. Me too Ray.....pulling a name out of the ether is getting progressively harder!