Thursday, 4 July 2013


New regulations have been brought in to replace the existing CRB checks! I am not sure whether a quick groan or a cheer is in order!

Much of what this government has done is guaranteed to muddy the water especially in the field of education so please bear with me in what might sound a politically motivated diatribe!

In the old days, last month every organisation dealing with the very young or the very vulnerable had to ask their employees or their volunteers to have a CRB check done. If you were involved in more than one charity each one had to ask for their own. David had three separate checks done because of his involvement with stroke clubs of various kinds.

I had two! We are now told that one will be sufficient in the future...the clearance will be sent directly to us, the employees/ volunteers and up to us to produce the relevant piece of paper when one will be enough!

That is obviously good news in itself...but I am still worried about the unreliabilty of pieces of paper.

It would obviously prevent anyone convicted of sex offences getting a job with children again but not everyone gets caught. Jimmy Saville would have had no trouble getting his bit of paper!

I do not pretend to know what the answer is to this problem.....some sort of checks are necessary....but producing a piece of paper to prove that you are safe may not be the safest idea!

As for this mornings news that the church might be able to take over and run schools the words, "Be afraid, be very afraid," are the ones that spring to mind.

And I am!

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