Friday, 5 July 2013

Family feuding.

I read with great sadness this morning of the continuing trouble between members of Nelson Mandela's family.

Most families have their feuds and often over property. I have blogged previously about some of my own experiences in this field but to find it happening publicly with an acclaimed statesman is very very sad

The man is not yet dead and feuds are already arising and one grandson has even been moving bodies from one graveyard to another. Presumably this will give him some sort of advantage though its unclear to me what...

It's one of the most heart rending situations I can think of. Nelson Mandela endured his time in prison with patience and stature and on his release showed the world what a great statesman was capable of. .

Most people round the world think of him with gratitude for his part in banishing apartheid in South Africa.

To see the vultures gathering before he has grown cold is just appalling.


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