Saturday, 13 July 2013


We are in danger of getting used to this wonderful weather!

When I lived in Essex this was indeed the norm. Hot weather meant flimsy clothes and much watering of the garden. I brought my flimsy clothes to Cornwall but they have only really been needed on cruises!

During the long hot Essex summers I used to walk my dog with several other ladies. We sat by the river so that the dogs could swim and drink what they needed.

Driving a Discovery with air conditioning meant that if all else failed a trip out somewhere saved the day!

David and I used to go fairly frequently to a beautiful hotel in Darbyshire which had its own pool fed by a natural spring. This was simply bliss, apart from the fact that the dear dog was not allowed into the pool and used to sit on our balcony and bark if we were in!

We delayed going home one year by a couple of days because of the intense heat. On the final day we set off, found a sheltered spot under trees by the river and stayed there until evening.

Driving home was uncomfortable ..this was in the pre Discovery era. We were hot, the dog was hot, the engine was hot! Frequent stops meant we didn't get home till quite late.

Switching on the news we found that several people had died from the heat that day in temperatures well over a hundred.

Here in Cornwall there is always a cooling breeze... Thank you God .

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