Wednesday, 31 July 2013

JK in St Mawes?

I have read with some amusement all the comments, some negative but most just plain envious about JK Rowling' s venture into the shadowy world of the detective novel. I of course got it as an audio book and it is a very good listen.....

Apart from judging its merits as literature....I am enraptured by the Cornish references. The hero, has a faint Cornish accent....which you would miss if you were reading it !

At various points of the story we learn that our private detective has lost a leg in Afghanistan , poor man and had a difficult childhood being shunted backwards and forwards between London and Cornwall.

Blow me , his base here was actually St Mawes....known more for its millionaires than its healthy indigenous population. There is a reference to him going to the school's all very familiar but weird. Has JK got links with St Mawes?

I fear this is distracting me a little from the main story. As to whether she needed to resort to a nom de plume....I think she probably did after the rough treatment she received from some quarters after the "Casual vacancy " reviews.

There is a great talent here....I have enjoyed everything she has ever written so far....More power to her writing elbow and maybe one day we will find out how the St Mawes link works....

I would love to find her on the beach one day.....who knows?

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