Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sailing hazards

A very strong wind is currently knocking off all the blossom the sun fathered this week! There is a allegory there waiting for wings but right now I am too busy picking up the pieces!
Yesterday there was a definite absence of boats to be seen from here and this morning I found that yesterday's racing was cancelled. Just as well. This easterly is usually a winter phenomena. But there have been instances of small boats simply disappearing in this sort of weather!
At the eight o clock communion were two sailers unable to get off the sandbar. There are no shops near St Just so we gave them instructions for an easy walk into St Mawes.
The first David and I once had to stay moored on the cow pasture bordering the Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire . The wind simply sent us straight back into the bank every time we made the attempt to go.
Fortunately there was a pub in walking distance so it could have been worse! After three days the wind dropped sufficiently for us to make the attempt.
I jumped ashore to get our ropes. As I bent I heard a sound behind me. Mooing! A great herd of cows were galloping in my direction. Nothing would persuade me to present my rear end to them. I scrambled back on board.....David was not pleased but he didn't get off either!
Much later, after the cows had moved on we did finally get moving.....these are sailing hazards you don't get at sea!
This mornings couple could still be with us next week!

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