Sunday, 14 July 2013

Super fast ?

Over the last days there has been a steady slowing down of my Internet connection. It was only last year that I realised why it was so difficult to get and keep a connection during August! All our visitors are also using the not so broadband and the results are aborted games and shopping trolleys abandoned from the frustration of constant waiting and renewing!
In the next village they now have the fibre optic super fast option and I have declared an interest several times now but there is still no prospect of getting it!
One of the problems is that I am not in a village. We are a bit isolated here,
It is a tribute to one man in the next village who has campaigned for at least a year to get it! I salute his efforts with a certain gritting of the teeth!
I live in an old farm on the road between two is lovely but isolated and although I am reassured that one day our fibre optic thingy will come, its always.....but not yet!
Ok. Rant over. Who am I to complain that one small miracle is taking longer than usual!
Deep sigh.....One day our superfast will come! And it will be welcomed with open arms!

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