Monday, 22 July 2013

Swallows .

Sitting quietly in the glorious weather  I have had plenty of time to contemplate life, love and lost ones.
I sit alone
The sun is hot and the birds fly high
Swallows swoop, cresting the wind
Catching food to return to their young
Gathering along the high wires, they chatter, are a single body
A flight of ethereal beauty.

Last year they came in colder, wetter weather
But they came, raised their young
Taught them to fly, to chase the wind, to rest on thermal currents.
This year those babies come for the new family.
Next year their offspring will arrive, avid for the summer

This is nature, Gods creation, flowing and beautiful.
Child succeeds parent
And are replaced by their own
Lucky lucky birds to see their babies fly.

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