Monday, 29 July 2013


Yet again the subject of trolls becomes a topic of conversation in all the social media sites. The abuse hurled at the woman who had campaigned for women not to be left off bank notes is disgusting. I am glad that the troll has been exposed and is now under arrest.
I have blogged on this subject before and I know it to be a hazard we all share at times.
My main problem with trolls is that they hide their true indentities or they think they do. If a subject is so burning, so much in need of a discussion in a public forum then why hide behind an anonymous label or a fictitious website.
My Apple Mac book knows where my emails come puts them all together in a neat bundle even after they have been deleted. All comments from the same computer are found together.. So that efforts at trolling using  different names are kept in the same collection.
It would be easy to find the identity of the sender but I really can't be bothered.
Trolls need to know that their message is being read so ignoring them seems the best solution.
Their pathetic attempts , their need to hide their true identity is typical of those who wish to bully without being found out.
The persona behind a troll must be very insecure......perhaps we should pray for them.

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  1. Maybe we should rename it for Cornish tastes and call it "Knockers"although that might prove problematic **!?