Sunday, 25 August 2013

A teddy called Joe Stalin!

We were sitting up in bed earlier this morning talking about books...David had been reading an excellent book on his Kindle about Blake, the spy. This led on to a discussion about the recruitment of spies and how Cambridge seemed to have been the main area of choice.

This led us on I'm not sure how to a discussion of how political views were fostered and which of our parents had had a lasting influence on how we thought bout life and religion.

David has never been a really political animal whereas I was as a girl very much involved with the local Labour Party.

"Of course " I said "I never really stood much of a chance, having a teddy called Joe Stalin."

David boggled. He could not believe this information but it is true! . My parents were not really cruel.....they gave me a teddy for Christmas with a name already attached. For years I thought Joseph Stalin was a cuddly old teddy bear!

The first David had had a rabbit called Benito Musselini.

Can I ask anyone out there with political leanings not to colour your children's toys with dodgy politicians names....pity the child with a guinea pig called Berlesconi....sorry about the spelling but you get the idea!

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