Friday, 23 August 2013

Another death.

I have several people coming today....the Bank holiday always draws in old friends and I enjoy seeing them again. Yesterday though I got a phone call to tell me that one of my oldest and dearest friends had died the previous night.
A woman I love dearly, who took the trouble to come to see me to comfort me after my son died has finally succumbed to the cancer she has battled with over the last few years.
I weep for her. I weep for the family I know nearly as well as my own.
I am starting to feel like a survivor against the odds but I know that God has still got work for me to do....the evidence is piling up in my office so I will greet today's wedding couple with pleasure...with no hint of sorrow , as we plan their big day.
My friend was a wonderful story teller and saved her best till there was time to do them justice. I am remembering the night we missed the tide, after a lovely meal over the water near Falmouth.
Nothing to do but sit and wait for the water to come back to float our boat ,which took about four hours all told so we sat dangling our legs over the sea wall whilst she told us a convoluted, long, funny but amazing story about her distant family and friends.
Only when the boat was afloat again did she deliver the punch line. We giggled all the way was around dawn when we got back and she had filled all the waiting time with great story telling skill and laughter.
I will miss her. Rest in peace my dear friend.


  1. [*] for her and her family and for you are you mourn with lovely memories, which celebrate her life. How comforting to have such lovely memories :)