Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Back in time.

Someone recommended a new app called Timehop! Lots of people talk about lots of apps and I admit to being a sort of digital junkie at times....my lap top is full of discarded apps never to be used again...

But this new one is a pleasure. It is simple . It collects what you were saying a year, two years , three, four even and presents them to you every morning...it's a hop back in time. "On this day four years ago etc"

I have now lived through the trauma of Crispins operation for cancer, his subsequent tearing out of his stitches and his incarceration in the biggest lamp shade in the world! That was three years ago and gave him two extra years of life!

It shows me the photographs I took on that particular day, what I tweeted, or put on Facebook.

. I must be getting very old because I am enjoying this brief glimpse into the world as I knew it year by year!

It even tells me what music I listened to, or what audio book. I hope it doesn't regurgitate my old sermons, but even that would remind me of my thoughts on similar occasions.

I don't want to spend the rest of my old age living in the past.....I still have far too much to do...but I am enjoying a daily trip back in time evn though I know some memories are going to hurt!

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