Monday, 19 August 2013

Busy morning.

Cornwall is busy and this week will get steadily more busy as we approach the Bank holiday. I have several people arriving wanting to talk about weddings! Next year looks like a bumper year for weddings!

Yesterday my car started but showed the warning sign of low battery so it has obviously not been used enough!

With so many people arriving, driving on the roads is more of a hazard than it need be but this morning I was off early! One bride in a neighbouring village needed a form to fill in.....there are forms to fill in for weddings just as for everything else!

I did a round trip....trying not to stop the engine as I went. Then I realised that I was almost out of petrol! What started out as a quiet trip around the crowded Cornish lanes turned into a sprint to get to the nearest service station. I did not have my purse with me!

There safely I chatted to the garage man who sold me the gizmo to keep my battery charged....was it not working any more? He seemed alright....then proceeded to try to sell me another one! I said I'd let him know! I apologised for having no means of payment. He said he knew where I lived!

Back home the sun is shining....David is in the summer house, there are four new mole hills and the phone is ringing! Hey will all get back to normal in September.


  1. Oh come now Jean. You know perfectly well, you wouldn't recognise 'normal' if it jumped up and bit you.

    1. Well this is true I admit..... but it could just get a little more normal.....ahem !