Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Garden folly?

Following an email from Amazon last week I decided that it would be a good idea to have some statues for the garden. Not gnomes I hasten to say. Bronze resin figurines looked wonderful in the advert and what clinched it was the added information. They were not heavy!

I ordered two, both modern with flowing lines....there was plenty of room to lose them in my garden.

They arrived two days later swathed like Egyptian mummies! Getting them out of layers of bubble wrap cardboard and polystyrene packing was the hardest bit of the whole manoeuvre.

In place they look wonderful,

Then David had to unpack all the packing I'd stuffed into one bag. Apparently paper must be separated from polythene these days! This process took longer than the unpacking!

This morning when I got another flyer from Amazon I saw just one more statue to complete the set! Before ordering I consulted the resident engineer.....he looked at the picture and is of a little girl sitting reading.....very beautiful.

So I've ordered it with the proviso that he will supervise all the unpacking this time.....


This is one of this weeks arrivals. It stands about three feet high....mother and child....I do not need to say anything else!


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  1. I hasten to add that Amazon make things far too easy these days. One click and the deal,was done. I can now hear the first David's voice saying "Too easy by half." He is right!