Thursday, 22 August 2013

I can not say no.

When I woke up this morning I couldn't see Falmouth from my bedroom window....a light mist had settled over the meadow. Sun was streaming in through the window at the back of the house so I knew that in due course it would burn off the mist!

A song came into my head.... "Oh what a beautiful morning. There's a light golden haze on the meadow. ...The sun is as high as an elephants eye...."

Took me right my first year as a teacher when I was asked to join the local operatic society. They were doing Oklahoma. I was busy.....newly married as well as teaching but I joined...and it was great fun.

Half way through the rehearsals the girl playing Ado Annie got sick. I got her part.....and suddenly got much busier.

She was the ditsy, fun loving girl who was unable to refuse anyone anything...oh dear...

Now her song is still acting out in my head and my life.

"I carn't say no!"

I still don't say no often there we are, type casting lasts a life time....and at least I can blame Ado Annie for it as well as God.




  1. Since "NO", seems to be the first, and in some cases the only word toddlers learn, it must be some time later that the rot sets in.
    In my time among many other sorts of training I have had 'assertiveness' training. This aims to let your real self emerge from the polite mask which many of us assume throughout our long lives.
    It is a problem for many of us to be able to say 'no' firmly, politely and without giving offense.
    Just try asking yourself if you really want to do what is asked of you, if the answer is maybe, or, only if I have time, say "sorry I'd love to help but I really can't this time".
    Or just say "yes".
    Helpful little soul ain't I?

  2. Saying NO can be quite hard. But an element of self protection is needed or before you know where you are, you are overwhelmed by others stuff.

    I've learned the hard way and now say a firm, but tactful NO to things that I know I can't do without having to sacrifice some family time - and I keep to those boundaries, no matter what.

    Hard on others, but you sometimes have to be selfish to help them.