Sunday, 25 August 2013

Medicine not bombs.

How can dropping bombs on a country to stop them from gassing their citizens ever be the right thing to do?
Why do we feel we are capable either morally or physically to try punish another country by using the same sort of violence against them?
When Tony Blair used the weapons of mass destruction excuse for bombing Iraq we left it in a worse state than it started.
At that time we organised a day of prayer in our church and people I'd never seen before were coming in all day to light candles and to pray. Despite that the war went ahead with the terrible consequences we have still not put right.
Will we never learn ? Britain is no longer a major player in the world so why on earth are we even contemplating another act of war?
Of course the gas attacks are terrible. The world sees what has happened and weeps.....but sending in air strikes is also terrible, and I pray we don't do it, certainly without a mandate such intervention would be morally wrong. I return to the headline from yesterday. Send medecines , send doctors and nurses. But please don't send bombs!


  1. This comment is from Ray Barnes. My machine has once gain eaten the original. Sorry Ray.
    I agree totally Jean. Meeting force with force as only ever one result. More suffering. We have only to remember with horror ans shame the dreadful Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs to see where this could all end.
    Somehow United Nations must find thir most skilled mediators and negotiators to attempt a settlement while allowing the worlds aids genies, like Medecines San Frontieres ans the other neutral ones to do their best to rescue he's in greatest danger,
    A truly dreadful situation and yet one more hen all we can do is pray.

    1. The mistakes in the above are of course mine! Typing at speed is never a good idea!