Friday, 9 August 2013

Names of places and people.

Even with all the bad news about trolls and various forms of abuse used by people to be found sometimes in social media I am struck yet again with the sheer magic of instant communication with friends not seen in years and the ability to make new ones.
My blog uses the name of my home.....the name Tregear Vean strikes chords with many people in Cornwall and several people have called in or got in touch to tell me about life on the working farm it once was.
I helped with the funeral of the last resident farmer about four years ago and his relations have dropped in occasionally.
My surname is also fairly unusual and several times has guided people to get in touch to see if I am part of their family. This is made greater because I am the second Reverend Rolt. My husbands brother was the first much loved version and an early girl friend of his made contact with me hoping I could put her in touch with him. I had to break the news that sadly he had died.
I recently purchased a family tree app on my iPad to try to explore my ancestors. It kept me quiet for several days but then stopped......I would need much more knowledge than I have to get anywhere with it...The sort of time spent in checking wedding certificates , birth certificates and baptism rolls is just not feasible right now.
I enjoy people getting in touch, either known or unknown . The circle of people who read my tweets or blog and then contact me is growing.....small touching stories are often revealed...and of course this is the month when the world and his wife appear on our doorstop! Long may it continue.

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