Saturday, 3 August 2013

Old age is not for wimps.

Old age got suddenly closer this morning. I realised that the phone in the bedroom was not working....and I only realised that when another phone in the house rang.....

This was more of a puzzle than an annoyance. I went exploring. Under the bed was the unattached phone connection. Next to it was an empty packet which had once housed my asthma spray. The spray itself was much further under, leaving the brain trying to sort out how it had all happened. There are no known animals in this house any more! Apart from the bats in the attic and they seem unlikely suspects!

I realised that a two way plug was missing and at the same time remembered that the lamp had fallen on top of me earlier in the week!

It was all starting to add up but the conclusions were not good. Either we have mice or something worse! Our cat died two summers go....the local rodent population must have tumbled to it by this time!

I then started to search for the missing two way plug!

I looked in quiet despair on my husbands assortment under the table in his office.....I dare not touch any of those.....the resulting mess would be worse than a plague of locusts.....

At this point I realised I cup of coffee would be a good idea.

By the time I'd drunk it my beloved had been on his hands and knees and detached a plug for me. The last time he sorted out his electrics on his knees with his head down he ended up with a bad attack of vertigo!

I have now got the upstairs phone charging again...and heard the magic words from the office next door,

"I need a sit down now"

I've said it before I know but it is nevertheless true. Old age is not for wimps!


  1. Amen! I'm reaching the old end of middle age- or at least my body tells me I am after yesterday! Eight years ago I took my youngest son to Blackpool Pleasure beach and went on a number of rides with him- some I enjoyed more than others. But yesterday we took my step grand children to Blist Hill Victorian Town and was persuaded by the youngest to go on the 'swing roundabout ' with her. Not sure of its proper name but its centrifugal force sends you out swinging at an angle! My husband has photos of me with a definite grimace on my face- I hate it and today ache from gripping the swing chains so hard! And this was quite tame compared to Blackpool! Age is definitely catching up for me- only thing is I think I am a wimp!

  2. If you really were a wimp you'd have run a mile! I certainly would!

  3. Jean this really is not Wimpiness. It's that old favourite. the power of inanimate objects over helpless and in my case witless, human beings.
    'They' have supernatural powers and can move, or refuse to, at will.
    It takes real courage to face them down and try to reassert your dominance.
    Several times a day I find that things I know I have put in a particular place, wind up somewhere else entirely.
    I don't believe in fairies so what other explanation could there possibly, be?
    Answers on a postage stamp please.

  4. On the whole I would sooner believe that fairies had shunted my asthma spray several feet than the other possible culprits. I do though share your suspicion of inanimate objects! Specially the leads from irons which definitely have lives of their own!