Friday, 16 August 2013

Please rate our service?

We live out in the country, miles from any shops. The village shops are lovely but sell stuff for tourists mostly so I do a lot of shopping on line.

Groceries are an every week purchase....they are brought to my door and are always in good condition.

I do a Boots shop every couple of months. Marks and Spencer are another favourite.

Amazon is the fount of all manner of goodies, delivered very quickly . In their case it's the wrapping that is slightly overdone!

I think the point is made. I do a lot of shopping via the Internet. The first David shudders on his cloud every time but even he might have resorted to it by this time. The present David certainly does!

So a new phenomena is now fast appearing.....the rating system. Please rate your purchase. Please spare a few minutes to tell us what you thought of our delivery. The emails arrive in batches every day.

In the past I have done the rating but its invariably longer than a few minutes because after the actual delivery you are then invited to rate the purchase!

I am a busy woman......if there is something wrong with either the delivery or the product I will be in touch but I have now basically stopped rating things.....

OK I am getting a crusty old woman but there are just too many of the things arriving daily!

Take it for granted that if I'm silent then everything's fine! Please.


  1. I get the same from Amazon. I do some, I even review books that I've enjoyed. Otherwise I just ignore them.

    They use the ratings to promote their services, surely they get enough from others to do without my minor feedback.

    Bah, humbug :)

  2. You were kind enough to rate my book I know you do that and I am very grateful for it!