Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stress occasionally.

Today's readings are interesting for two reasons. The obvious one is that they contain warnings that becoming Christian may carry its own problems....we must not expect our beliefs to give us stress free lives....and we must be prepared to stand up and be counted when necessary.
The reading from Luke is just wonderful. Jesus tears into the listeners and finally calls them hypocrites....they have failed to understand the conflict possible in following Him.
I always feel so much better when I've read this particular bit of Scripture. Jesus is in a bad mood. You can imagine him scowling as He denounces them as hypocrites.
It also cheers my heart that his description of family feuds are still valid today.....nothing is new in this world...
Cheers me up no end.
If He can be in a bad mood occasionally then I can stop worrying about it when I've got up feeling like screaming at the world.
That doesn't happen often but by reading today's gospel I can sometimes excuse my own failings on the odd occasion when I feel like hurling bricks at birds! Or moles, snails, grass worms etc.
We are human....and so was Jesus, being born of a woman! If He could get stressed then its alright when it happens to us too. Thank you God.


  1. I'd like to stress that I never get stress, just emotionally stretched to breaking point. (ESBP) And we don't have moles to throw stones at. But there are some handy windows about - though vandalism isn't my habit, I'm sorely tempted for the crashing sound it makes :)

  2. I'd like to say....whatever turns you on .....but maybe not. It's too late to start a career as a hooligan! Lol