Thursday, 29 August 2013

The NHS is wonderful.

I am sorry. I seem to be always reporting sad things at the moment.....or as my dear friend would say, "we are having a little run"

David took a turn for the worse last evening and the ambulance staffed by very amiable and skilled young men arrived to get him to the hospital. The ride in was bumpy in the extreme. Worse than sailing through the South Pacific! I managed not to throw up by the skin of my teeth.

David coped as always....with charm and laughter.

We don't know the exact nature of the problem. Several things seem to have joined forces to create havoc .

Until some sort of diagnosis he is in the medical admissions ward.....this is the ward where, having taken in a man from our village I sat and watched nine eleven played out on the television. It's dreadfull how well I know this hospital...but they do a brilliant job especially in emergencies!

Thank God for the NHS! The nurses took the notes and readings and the doctor arrived in minutes to ask the questions.....

Today is I think a waiting day......David does not seem to be in immediate danger....and I have left him with his kindle and tablet fully charged....bless him, he gets bored in inactivity!

Thank you all so much for the kind messages....and I'll try not to be too depressing in future!


  1. You are and were NOT depressing. In fact, you are a source of joy and and your grace and the grace of God shines through, no matter how much difficulty you are in. :)

    You've been through more in the past few years than most of us could bear with dignity and a reflective ability to portray your troubles in a way that gives real hope to those of us who feel that we'd be in shreds in a similar situation.

    Prayers for you and David as you cope with this new situation and for wisdom from the NHS Staff and perhaps calm and patience for David as his incapacity hinders him living the way that he loves.

  2. Jean, I haven't commented for ages, but you and David are firmly in my prayers. And you are never depressing.

  3. You are an absolute inspiration to the rest of us Jean.
    I can only echo what Ernie has written and multiply it by ten.
    Praying daily for you both.
    Love and BlessingsX

  4. Gosh chaps...steady on! Ill try to live up to it!