Monday, 12 August 2013

To frack or not to frack!

We are told we are sitting on huge quantities of gas....all we have to do is get it out of the shale., Fracking is I understand a noisy, dusty business. So fracking in towns is obviously out of the question.

To get round this problem eyes are now firmly focused on the areas of small population where no one will be disturbed. Oh dear! The description last week of the north east of England being desolate was hastily revamped to the north west! As if that made it better!

Sometimes I despair of politicians. What is one mans desolation is another ones glorious landscape.

Are we really thinking of spoiling areas of natural beauty? Are we going to allow those people with vested interests to start a process of destruction that could be hard to stop!

I have no knowledge of the machinery that is needed to get this gas out but I have seen the areas in South Wales now being restored to some degree from the waste land left by mining coal.

We do have natural resources as yet largely untapped......tidal flow provides massive energy every day. The sun shines....our solar panels provide us with electricity right through the winter! The wind mills are hated by some, loved by others but they are surely better than massive noise and dust.

Before we start polluting our wonderful moors, hills and dales because they are "desolate" surely we have to fully explore those means we do have .

This green and pleasant land is our heritage....we have to find ways of ensuring the future of our children without spoiling acres of untouched land!


  1. Coming from the north west where they have been trialling fracking and knowing that suddenly they had a number of earth quakes I'm very suspicious of it. I also doubt that as consumers we will see any reduction in our fuel bills!

  2. I'm sure you are right about the bills...We get very cynical as we grow older!