Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tregear the ancient.

As often happens yesterday's blog on names prompted several enquiries about Cornish names.

The name of this blog is Tregear Vean because that is where I live! An enquirer wanted to know its history, and indeed what it meant in Cornish.

After a few minutes of trying to answer sensibly I turned to the definative book, the Roseland book by Laurence O'Toole which has become a seminal work of reference on these occasions.

The man asking the questions said it denoted an ancient earth works . I replied that we were already the highest point for miles around. That was actually the answer. The Bronze Age settlers needed look out points so that they could see any invaders approaching. From up here we can see whose going up the Fal quite clearly so they had no need to throw up an artificial hill!

The name actually means the homestead of the fort! Vean means a small farm has been here for centuries, first to feed the invaders and then the manor. Tregear Vean was one of several manors on the Roseland!

Eventually Tregear Vean became a dairy's out buildings have been made into homes.

The sense of history, of slight regret that no cows eat our grass anymore is strong.....when I conducted the funeral of the last farmer here his relations all asked if they could come and visit. Of course I said yes but so far only one has been!

On the large field now there is the start of a fruit farm I have put in dozens of trees and shrubs. There is shade for the hot days, a wind break is doing well too. Keeping the spirit of the place alive and well is important to both of us.... Thank you God.

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