Sunday, 4 August 2013

Trolling....again .

Having read with growing dismay the tweets sent to the women who stood up in public to campaign for women on bank notes and to remove lads mags from the sight of young people, I am horrified at the level of animosity shown to them .

Far from hiding these remarks so as not to feed the trolls , we should all be glad that the women involved have the courage to make a stand! Threatening to tell one of their attackers mothers got instant results!

My own trolling experience is very mild compared to theirs but in the past I have been attacked on line and found it a frightening experience even though no violence was ever threatened.

It's important to remember that these bullies are not just men. My experience was led by women who took exception to my asking an MP questions they didn't like!

I also have regular trolls on my blog.

Mostly their contributions go straight into my spam box and are never read.....

None of my experiences compare in any way with the recent attacks....they are motivated by people who suspect that my views on politics may be rather to the left of centre. Apparently caring for the disadvantaged , the weak or the just plain feckless makes you a communist! So be it!

My Christian beliefs are what drives my own personal ideology.....and I hope always will.

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  1. I too have been horrified at the abuse on Twitter aimed against some women, particularly when it comes from women - which I find hard to understand. This is not 'trolling'. This is bullying and intimidation.