Monday, 5 August 2013


The ways of Twitter are full of mystery and awe! When I joined a couple of years ago I found the whole thing a great puzzle and today still do!

I got a message telling me that I was not able to follow the person I was trying to follow!

Then there was a helpful message attached that told me why!

Apparently we are not allowed to follow 2000 over and you are blocked from any more!

This was news to me this morning and I set out to get rid of some dead wood!

There are loads of people on twitter that are just trying to sell something.....and their tweets make it fairly obvious so they were the first to go!

After that I am just randomly unfollowing people. If there is no sign of interaction that is the yardstick.

I have so many people on twitter that I'm glad to have met that getting rid of the rest should not be a problem....but it is!

There are an amazing number of clerics that I'm following.....many I've talked to in the past and some whose names mean nothing at all! But I am not going to get rid of them because one day I might strike up a conversation with never know!

If I by chance unfollow someone by mistake please let me know! I would not like to cause any offence!


  1. I have spent far too much time working through long lists of names and have culled an enormous number. Mostly people I decided to follow right at the beginning when I was still taking advice offered by twitter have now gone. My time line is almost manageable again! As an exercise in futility it is to be recommended !

  2. I only follow about 280 and have about 230 follower. Not sure that I need to do any weeding?

    I've always protected my twitter account and always decline follow requests from people I don't know and potential spammers. If I'm also bombarded by religious quotes I unfollow them as well.

    It's an interesting position because I probably follow someone new about once or twice a month, many of them don't follow back so it's actually difficult to get the numbers of those you follow in balance with those who follow you.

    Nothing like a clear out though, so might just have a quick peek at my list to see if any one is for the high jump :)

  3. Sadly I quite enjoyed the experience ! Many were defunct anyway.....people I never see or talk to!