Saturday, 24 August 2013

Us old uns.

We have quiet Bank holidays here....We are well away from the hustle in the villages and most days are peaceful. This year following several visits to the doctor my beloved David has been told he needs a pace maker. This is in itself not a catastrophe.....we are old's no wonder things get worn out!

He's already had one week of tests and there's another week of them next week. In the meanwhile the true grit spirit is shining through....he has come to an agreement with our doctor. He will do as he's told and the doctor will then keep him alive..... Freezing tanks have not been mentioned!

I am glad we have finally found out what the problem is. It has been wrapped in mystery for far too long...Why do blokes have such trouble talking about their problems?

All these tests mean we will miss our holiday booked a year ago. Two weeks in Madeira in September sounded bliss at the time but its not going to happen and we are in no position to grumble having already had two months away at the beginning of the year.

September is a lovely month here in Cornwall and the crowds have retreated . We shall enjoy some quiet times on the beach and in the garden.....I'm getting used to being an old's better than the alternative!

We are told that a new lease of life is possible after the heart gets prodded into working at full capacity again.... I'm not sure I can deal with David being dynamic again......but I'll give it a shot!


  1. You might need to consider getting one yourself, in order to keep up with David.
    My mother had a pacemaker fitted at the age of 89 or so and far from it wearing her out, had to have a replacement one 10 years later.
    She used to joke that they would have to beat her to death.
    As she lived to 103 David has some catching up to do.
    Good luck, prayers and blessings to you both.

  2. I read that comment out to made him laugh but he's had a cheerful face ever since, replacing the slightly worried one....thank you!