Monday, 30 September 2013

Back to work!

I suppose I always knew I would have this day at one point but here it is. I am in my proper working gear and I have my phone fully charged and at the ready.

This is the day I have been dreading ! Since David was taken ill I have put off meetings with people needing to plan wedding days , christenings etc and somehow they have all arrived today!

As well as seeing people at home I have also got a meeting out this afternoon! So there's no chance of my twenty minute power nap! Or what has now become a nice half hour snooze!

David is much better but he still has the occasional blip so everyone has to be warned that he comes first. He has my mobile number and will use it if the need arrises!

On top of everything else the cleaner comes on Mondays so this morning involves dodging the vacuum cleaner, the duster flicks and the paper shuffling in between talking about bans, flowers and organists!

Outside its dark and gloomy. Inside its bustle and chaos as I search for guide lines on everything under the sun.

I expect it will be alright by tonight......but I'm not as confident as I usually am!

Stay with me God! Please!

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